Danielle Moore


Danielle Moore is a San Francisco native whose mission in life is to help others. While volunteering in 2014 at Camp Choice, a summer camp that empowers at-risk youth, she met Emma Hughes. She went on to become an anchor in Emma’s life and, two years later, an anchor at Brush Salon. Together, Danielle and Emma are focused on world-class customer service and personal connections to build the business, person by person.

As a middle child with 6 sisters, Danielle formed a strong will early in life. Her passionate mindset helps her go above and beyond to deliver the perfect wedding beauty experience that all brides deserve. Danielle takes great pride in her work and makes sure every bride feels beautiful, confident and at ease on her wedding day.

Danielle continues to dedicate her free time to Camp Choice, serving as camp director for 50-70 kids each session. As a former camper, she makes it her mission to give kids the same opportunity she received. Kindness is her driving force and her motto is “Greet the janitor with the same respect you would the CEO.”