“Absolutely the best experience I’ve ever had in a salon! Highly recommend anyone who is looking for an exceptional salon and wants to feel pampered.”

- Breanna M.

“Great experience. Talented staff. Excellent customer service.”

- Loretta R.

“I absolutely received 5 star service! After looking for a good hair salon for over a year and not getting the WOW FACTOR, I finally found a keeper!”

- Aana E.



“They make you feel so beautiful and appreciated. It was the best salon experience I’ve had! As someone who struggles to find a curly haired stylist, my expectations were exceeded!”

- Kelsey I.

“I had such a wonderful experience at Brush. Truly fabulous customer service, thank you!”

- Sarah L.



“Loved it! Great atmosphere. Excellent care and color. I’m definitely a new customer here!”

- Mercedes A.

“What a lovely place to spend an afternoon. The salon was beautiful, and every person I encountered was absolutely great! I am so excited I found a new salon to call home.”

- J.B.

“Big city skills, results and high end professionalism, within small town friendly and welcoming vibe. The stylist and supporting staff at Brush are fantastic.”

- Cynthia H.