Emma Moore


From her native Kailua Kona, Hawaii, to Las Vegas, Reno and San Francisco, Emma Moore’s career as a regional manager of salon spa development for Aveda Northern California/ Northern Nevada has taken her places. But she’s happiest to have landed here in Healdsburg, where she is owner and director of care of Brush Salon. Emma worked intimately with Brush ever since it opened as an Aveda salon. Since purchasing Brush in 2016, she has been thrilled to develop it further. Emma focuses on world-class customer service and personal connections to build the business, person by person. For Emma, owning a salon isn’t just a job—it’s the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Emma’s secret talents include hula dancing and skydiving. She counts herself lucky to use her gifts to benefit her community every day, while fulfilling her own hopes and dreams.

“My goal is to build a company that empowers people to achieve their goals by living their passion,” she says.” I love seeing all their professional and personal goals come to life!”